Stocking Stuffers for Sports Bettors


No matter how many times you will hear it in the next week, take it easy over the holidays.

They will be playing the national anthem every day. It sounds good but the vast majority will placate then run to nearest book and play a three teamer to make the dessert taste better.

Here are a few stocking stuffer ideas. Play your parlay card on your first visit and stick it in your left back pocket. When you are looking for anything that is “live” after your team shanks a 27-yard field goal to decide it, you have got your emergency ticket in your kick.

Always tell your better half that you don’t want anything for Christmas but if she gives you duckets to sweat you would gladly appreciate it.

Finally, if things are going good on Christmas Day tell everyone not to change clothes or positions at the dinner table. And the biggest kabosh of all times (you don’t want to hear this) is “honey, there are only two minutes left. You should win this one.”

Take care and have a very merry week. Jimmy V.

(Re-printed from Gaming Today)