Account Wagering Rules

LAST UPDATED: January 28, 2016

The Account Wagering Rules, the House Rules posted in all William Hill Race & Sportsbooks (“William Hill”)* and the Terms of Service on the William Hill website (, (collectively, “Rules and Terms”) apply to account wagering. William Hill reserves the right to add, change, or modify the Rules and Terms at any time. Customer agrees to be bound by such changes.


All account applicants must be at least 21 years of age. To open an account a customer must complete a wagering account application, submit a clear copy of a valid driver’s license, government ID, or check cashing card with picture, and attest to statements required under NRS 463 et seq. and applicable NGC Regulations. A wagering account application form is available on the William Hill website ( and at select William Hill locations. Prior to opening an account, a customer will be provided with a copy of William Hill’s Account Wagering Rules and procedures for account wagering. It is the customer’s responsibility to be aware of all wagering rules, including subsequent changes. Upon opening an account, William Hill will provide each customer with an account number and password reasonably designed to prevent the acceptance of wagers from persons other than the customer for whom the wagering account was established. A William Hill account is for the personal use of the registered account holder and is not transferable. It is the Customer’ responsibility to maintain the secrecy of his/her account number and password. If the customer feels that his/her account number and/or password have been compromised, he/she should immediately contact William Hill Customer Support at 855-754-1200. William Hill reserves the right to refuse establishment or maintenance of accounts at its sole and absolute discretion. Customer’s account is subject to Nevada Gaming Regulation 22.140(9) and will only be active for wagering for a one (1)-year period after the account is opened unless Customer: (a) places an account wager at least once every year; or (b) renews the account for an additional one (1)-year period and appears in person to sign a renewal form.


Wagering account deposits must be made in person at select William Hill deposit locations or by approved electronic transfers. The minimum deposit for opening an account is $5. No interest shall accrue on funds deposited in a customer’s account. Funds may not be deposited into a suspended or closed account. William Hill reserves the right to refuse deposits to accounts for what it deems in its sole discretion to be a good and sufficient reason.


Subject to funds involved with pending investigations as described in the Terms of Service, an account holder may withdraw funds from an active account at any time up to the amount of the account balance. Withdrawal requests must be made at select William Hill locations or by mail. William Hill reserves the right to request proper identification and/or verification of information prior to allowing any withdrawal. Withdrawals of Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000) or more may require a five (5) day advance notice. William Hill reserves the right to pay withdrawals by check. Withdrawn funds may be mailed to the account holder at the address given.


Account wagers will be accepted only during specified wagering hours. Account holders may not make wagers from their account while located outside of Nevada. Placing or attempting to place a wager while outside Nevada is a violation of Nevada law and may result in the criminal prosecution of the account holder. When placing a wager the account holder must provide his/her account number and password for verification purposes. All wagers will be verified to the account holder by William Hill at the time the wager is placed. The account holder must confirm wager in order to constitute action and will be final and binding. If an event is locked out during a transaction, there will be no wager. Wagers cannot be cancelled after the wager is completed. Total wagers may not exceed the balance in a wagering account. William Hill determines the minimum and maximum wager on all events. The minimum total wager per transaction is $2. All wagers are subject to William Hill’s Rules and Terms. Check the account wagering device for the latest odds. All odds are subject to change. William Hill reserves the right to refuse any wager or delete or limit any selection(s) prior to the acceptance of the wagers. All wagers must be at full face value. Payments on winning account wagers shall be posted to the account holder’s wagering account as soon as reasonably practicable after the event is declared official. Winnings are taxed in accordance with IRS requirements. Any single wager paying 300 times the amount wagered and at least $600 is taxable income. It is the account holder’s responsibility to come to a manned William Hill location and complete the W-2G. If any winnings minus the amount wagered exceed $5,000, federal taxes are withheld and the balance deposited to the account holder’s account. William Hill will report all W-2G information to the IRS, as required. William Hill reserves the right to declare the account wagering system closed for receiving any or all wagers. Wagers may not be accepted on a suspended account.


An account holder may request a statement of account showing all account activity during the time period reported by the account statement. Disputes shall be resolved as set forth in Nevada Revised Statutes 463.362-463.3668 and Nevada Gaming Commission (“NGC”) Regulation7A. William Hill reserves the right to suspend or close any account at any time.


An account holder may close his/her account by going to select William Hill locations.


In the event of a dispute, the account holder must contact a William Hill Customer Support Supervisor at 855-754-1200. The Customer Support Agent will obtain all information regarding the dispute. The Customer Support Agent will inform the account holder of the name of the William Hill representative that will be handling the dispute resolution and provide an approximate time that the account holder will be contacted. In the event a dispute cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the account holder, then the Nevada gaming Control Board can be contacted to resolve the dispute. Decisions of the Nevada Gaming Control Board are final.

William Hill is the registered trade name of the following licensees: William Hill Nevada I, William Hill Nevada II, and Brandywine Bookmaking LLC.