The payoff on a winning selection varies according to the odds.


Driver Odds
Richard Petty 6-1
Dale Earnhardt Jr. 8-1
Darrell Waltrip 50-1
Kyle Petty 100-1

To wager on auto racing, you typically pick the winner of the race.

Typically 20-30 drivers will be listed along with a field (all others).

For example, if you wager $10 on Dale Earnhardt Jr. and he wins the the race, you win $80 plus your $10 back totaling $90.


Driver Odds
AJ Foyt -130
Rick Mears +110

Auto racing match-ups pit two drivers against each other in head-to-head wager. The driver with the better finish in the race wins the match-up. Sometimes multiple drivers are listed in a group where the best finish in the group wins the wager.

In the example, a wager on AJ Foyt for $13 wins $10, returning $23.
Wagering $10 on Rick Mears pays $11 plus your $10 back for a total of $21.

Other props may also be posted such as the over/under on the number of cautions in the race or which car manufacturer wins.

Lines can be found on other series and open wheel races.