Seattle Seahawks Are NFL’s New Darling


If you were in any sports book this weekend you witnessed the power of the NFL. Wild Card weekend is an understatement.

Schedule sticking out of back pockets with a beer or hot dog in your free hand and adding commentary after each play. We have a good mix of old standards and an added new twist to even make it busier if we can physically fit everyone in.

Make no mistake, the Seahawks are the new darling. Seattle is drawing attention and money fits like a solid two teamer. Throw in the resurgence of Peyton Manning who has made his Broncos the winner in ticket count this year.

Northern Nevada books have come out of hibernation in the last few years as the 49ers have now become relevant. Ticket count in the William Hill books past Tonopah will be a 5-1 favorite in ticket count and cheese heads will get swallowed up by post time.

Get in the mix now because in a short 30 days this season will be an afterthought. We will bide our time with normal niche business between now and March Madness, but the playoffs have a life of their own.

Well at least hockey is back? Take care, Jimmy V.

(Re-printed from Gaming Today)