NFL Results Take Me Back to Square One


Booking the last few weeks of the NFL are usually a pain in the backside, but this year is quite different. Even with a few teams clinching there is a lot to play for.

This in turn allows you to post games, knowing no one will ease up or come into next week’s game without a purpose. Teams in the mix will play hard and the ones outside looking in will try and knock someone out – playing for a new contract if in the final year of a deal.

How about the NFC East? You can book those games to the moon, RG III or not. The NFL, for as long as I can remember, has been the most unpredictable I have ever seen.

Early on it was underdogs ruling the roost. Then we saw the onslaught of the popular favorites. After watching this past week’s games I am back to square one. Do your diligence to find an edge and secure the best number, but once they kick off “random results” is the phrase of the day.

No RG III, no problem. Giants getting shut out 34-0. Arizona sending the visitors from Detroit back to the assembly line for a recall of just being bad. From both sides of the counter step up, take your best shot and start scratching your head now.

You most certainly will come next Sunday.

Take care and do your shopping early. Jimmy V.

(Re-printed from Gaming Today)