NCAA and NFL Seasons Seem to Slip By at Warp Speed


We’re heading into Week 9 of college and the midway point of the NFL. The season is something we wait for all year and it slips by at warp speed.

There once was a time when we got into midseason blues and excitement was slightly muted heading into a big mid-November sendoff. That has since changed drastically in the last decade for a lot of reasons, but I will call on just a few.

All we need is a few marquee matchups and good story lines. On Saturday Notre Dame and Oklahoma meet up in Norman, Okla., followed by Sunday with the second meeting between the Cowboys and Giants. There’s also Drew Brees and the Saints fighting with the Broncos and Peyton Manning.

In the mid-1980’s build up would start around Wednesday, but just turn on your TV and radio now and you can hear the bell ringing already. It may be over the top, but it does pull you closer to the weekend, not wanting to be on the outside looking in. It’s good to be part of the spirit and have a ticket in your pocket.

Get ready for full fuselage with Colin Cowherd, Dan Patrick, Seat and Pauly as you drive around town either going to work or doing family business. There is no midseason crisis as we shuffle out of October.

Money is tight and salting away a little for Thanksgiving and lay away for Christmas used to be on top of the list but in our power ratings it has slipped down at least to the four hole. Whatever fits your plate.

You can play your two teamer geared up for this weekend and make the call. Take care, Jimmy V.

(Re-printed from Gaming Today)