Honest Evaluation of Sport Betting Cheese


Well, we beat one price as we got another year under our belt.

How about an honest evaluation on counting the cheese you so preciously set aside each day to be involved in this three ring circus we call sports betting?

Here are some explanations I have heard. Trust me we have all been there, witnessed and been a part of the good and bad. I ran into a guy the other day and before I could say, “How are the wife and kids?” I got this.

“Jimmy, you ask me how I am doing? Is that what you asked?


“You want me to tell you? Nah, I ain’t gonna tell you.”

OK by me.

“Yeah, I am going to tell you anyway. I got a live 4-teamer that is going to pay a dime. All I need is Duke +10 for a dime pick up. Jimmy, is that asking too much to win this bet? You saw what happened didn’t you?

I did.

“You ever see that before? Why is it only me?

It only feels like only you as we’ve all been down that road. C’mon let’s get a bite to eat.

“By the way, you like any pros yet?”

No doubt he will be here next year as we all will because this stuff is entrenched in our lives. We will never lose our fervor to try and beat it. Have a happy and hopefully prosperous new year.

See you at the window. Take care, Jimmy V.

(Re-printed from Gaming Today)