All NCAA Football Bowl Games Now Posted


Well, all the pieces finally fell as the Crimson Tide hung on to determine the big game and the rest of the bowls came together.

All the bowl games now posted and it looks like a fair mix. Some are intriguing matchups. Some teams are elated to get there, some will be less than motivated even though they will have all the diplomatic answers.

One word I will pass on to you guys. If betting early don’t be surprised if you are holding a ticket come game time that you really like or want to surrender for half the price. Grades (GPA) for the semester come out a few weeks from now and some kids will not be able to play because of the results.

Make no mistake as it happens every year. Suspensions for a myriad of reasons always show up. As long as you understand the pitfalls go at it. Don’t be screaming “conspiracy” if the ROLEX you hoped for come Christmas turns out to be a TIMEX.

Don’t turn to the heavens and say, “Why me?”

Take care. Jimmy V.

(Re-printed from Gaming Today)