William Hill Welcomes NCAA College Basketball Betting


Everyone is trying to dissect where the BCS goes from here with the Crimson Tide taking a November exit from the big game. Not to worry as there are some marquee teams playing on Monday.

We have Georgia, West Virginia and even the giant killers Texas A&M coming back for a Monday niter. Only trouble is the ball will be rounder and they will be playing on wood as opposed to grass and turf.

Yes, since last Friday we have been booking basketball. That means with starting seasons getting longer this one will end in early April and conclude a five month journey.

I am all for seeing more games available, but the stretch may be over. My first 15 years in our hamlet we never even posted college basketball until the first of the year. The market and cable TV have changed what we would consider the “season.”

There never were any guidelines and new chapters are written as we speak. Make no mistake, if there was no market they wouldn’t be showing games from aircraft carriers and we would not be booking them unless people stepped to the window. Both get a resounding YES.

I think the Mets open up in two weeks. Take care, Jimmy V.

(Re-printed from Gaming Today)