Pro Football 2020 Draft: Which Players Have Seen Their Draft Position Odds Shift the Most?

William Hill released its first batch of 2020 NFL draft props in Nevada and New Jersey on March 17. Since then, there’s been movement on several player draft position odds, especially as we are now less than one week away from the event itself.

So who have been the biggest movers since the opening numbers?

Eight different players have seen their draft position odds increase by at least four spots, while just two have seen theirs decrease by at least four. Four players have actually been bumped up at least seven spots with their draft position odds.

The prospect with the biggest differential in draft position odds is Tee Higgins at nine. Higgins opened at 25.5, yet now the Clemson wideout sits at 34.5. Surprisingly, just 51% of the total number of tickets have come on the over. The total dollars wagered, however, has been a different story, as 76% are on the over.

Utah State quarterback Jordan Love (12.5 to 19.5), Alabama safety Xavier McKinney (17.5 to 24.5) and Wisconsin linebacker Zack Baun (25.5 to 32.5) all have had their draft position odds go up by seven from their opening number.

Baun leads the trio with 91% of the total number of tickets on his over, while Baun and McKinney have attracted 99% and 97% of the total dollars wagered on their respective overs. Love’s over has received 57% of the total number of tickets and 83% of the total dollars wagered. 

On the other hand, Houston offensive tackle Josh Jones has seen his draft position odds drop significantly, as he’s shifted from 32.5 to 27.5. Jones’s under has received 90% of the total number of tickets and 99% of the total dollars wagered.

Just two other players from William Hill’s initial draft prop group have had a decrease of at least three spots: Oklahoma linebacker Kenneth Murray (25.5 to 21.5) and Florida cornerback C.J. Henderson (17.5 to 14.5).

Among the players listed when William Hill released mid-round draft position props on April 13, Minnesota safety Antoine Winfield Jr. has been the big mover. As a result of Winfield Jr.’s under drawing 93% of the total number of tickets and 99% of the total dollars wagered, his draft position odds have shifted from 49.5 to 43.5.

Check out some of the latest odds and trends for William Hill’s 2020 Pro Football Draft props below, which are available in Nevada and New Jersey.

*If a player’s draft position was 19.5, UNDER 19.5 would mean the player was picked 19th or earlier. If a player’s draft position was 19.5, OVER 19.5 would mean the player was picked 20th or later.

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