Parlay Card a Go-Go Only in Fabulous Las Vegas


When living in Las Vegas for any extended period of time you lose track of how magnetic this “adult playground” has become.

Sunday morning here is a religious experience not duplicated anywhere in the world.

My path to William Hill takes me right to Las Vegas Blvd. I pass the magical Welcome To Las Vegas sign. It is early, but the line is 10 deep waiting to get the famous snapshot. Elvis is already there with his 56 pink Cadillac.

It was a little busier than normal so I actually stopped to let the traffic and pedestrians, who have no idea they are walking across a very busy street, get to the the sign. Only on a Sunday morning could this happen.

A quick glance saw a guy, probably in his 30’s, being tugged on one side by his kid. His better half was yacking to him (and anyone who was close to her) on the other side. Here comes the clincher. Being only 10 yards away, I saw what makes our town unique.

Fending off all the opposition with pencil planted firmly behind his ear he was filling out his parlay card. That was his last bastion of manhood. Nothing will get in his way. Only problem is that he probably used the Falcons.

Take care, Jimmy V.

(Re-printed from Gaming Today)