Jackpot for the Week 3 Pro Football Progressive Contest Card will be $22,660

Think you can pick the winners of all 15 pro football games this Sunday and Monday?

Well, if you can, William Hill is offering a hefty payout in return.

The Week 3 jackpot for the Pro Football Progressive Contest Card – one of eight parlay cards offered by William Hill during the football season – is set at $22,660 for this weekend. With the Thursday night game excluded each week, a perfect 15-for-15 card (14 games Sunday, 1 Monday) will get you at least a share of the pot. All you have to do is pick winners – no point spreads involved!

It’s only a $5 bet each week to have a chance at winning the Progressive Contest, and you can enter as many cards as you want to.

The jackpot began at $10,000 two weeks ago, and for each week that no one submits a winning card, 80% of all money wagered  on the card was added to the progressive jackpot. Once a 15-for-15 performance is achieved, the jackpot will reset at $10,000.

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