I See Record Handle Booking Football this Year


Well, we all waited over seven months and were not disappointed. We saw full houses Saturday and Sunday and swift action.

The books enjoyed both days, so how did you do? Were you attacking or just enjoying your recreation that begins now and will end in February? Sitting in our hub, I could tell people were definitely loading up and searching for the big payout.

Ten teamers were as common as Coronas on Saturday and Sunday. My best guess is people are playing four to six cards spread throughout the day. Contests are a must to stay in the race to keep the base clientele in your joint or you will lose them quickly.

People want to be entertained along with betting their “cheese,” so creativity also is part of the race and sports handbook. In-play wagering has gained momentum and a lot of people like the idea of a quick strike bet.

Last year, if you parlayed all the top 10 teams you cashed a bonanza, but the first two weeks this year have been a bankroll buster. Most of the late games have gone to the books as the big faves have run into a few roadblocks.

Sunday morning was not much different as the Eagles struggled early and often. So did the Lions, and there probably weren’t many 10 teamers alive. As of this writing we had the Monday games to go, but discounting the wins or losses I will make a prediction: This will be the highest handle the state has ever seen booking football.

How do I know? “It’s in the cards.”

Take care, Jimmy V.

(Re-printed from Gaming Today)