1. Three ‘N Out is an elimination-style contest where entrants will be eliminated when a winning side or total is not selected three times. The winner will be determined when all but one of the entrants have been eliminated. If all remaining entrants are eliminated on the same day, those entrants will be declared the winners and the prize money will be equally split.

2. Three ‘N Out will consist of a maximum of 10 contest days from March 20, 2014 through April 7, 2014. If after the final championship game on April 7, 2014 there is more than one remaining entrant, the prizes will be paid as follows:

If the entrant with the least amount of losses has zero (0) losses, then:

– Entrant(s) with 0 losses will receive 70% of the prize pool.

– Entrant(s) with 1 loss will receive 20% of the prize pool.

– Entrant(s) with 2 losses will receive 10% of the prize pool

If the entrant with the least amount of losses has one (1) loss, then:

– Entrant(s) with 1 loss will receive 70% of the prize pool.

– Entrant(s) with 2 losses will receive 30% of the prize pool.

If the entrant with the least amount of losses has 2 losses, then:

– Entrant(s) with 2 losses will receive 100% of the prize pool.

Any prize level with more than one entrant will have the prize money equally split among entrants at that level. William Hill Rewards Club membership is required to enter the Three ‘N Out contest.

3. The entry fee is twenty-five dollars ($25). A maximum of ten (10) entries per person. Any entrant with more than ten entries will be disqualified.

4. The deadline for entry is the tip-off of the last game played on Thursday, March 20, 2014.

5. All entrants and proxies must be at least 21 years old.

6. Three ‘N Out requires the entrant to select one (1) college basketball side or total every day (excluding the “First Four” on March 18 and 19) of the 2014 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship tournament from the designated Three ‘N Out contest lines. There will not be any ties, due to all point spreads being half-points. If applicable, the final championship game will have the first half side and total available for selection.

7. The total prize money guaranteed to be paid out will be at least $25,000. William Hill will pay out 80% of paid entry fees collected beyond $25,000 to the winner(s) Actual cash prize(s) will be dependent on the number of paid entrants, as all entry fees collected beyond the guaranteed prize pot will be added to the payout pool.

8. Entrants must submit their daily selections to any William Hill Sportsbook location – including kiosks – by the scheduled tip-off of the game the entrant is selecting. Any entrant who fails to submit a daily selection will receive a loss for that day’s selection. Only one selection is accepted per entrant ID per day.

9. In the event of a game cancellation or date change, the game must be played by the following day to be considered action. Otherwise, the entrant will receive a loss for that day’s selection. Time changes are action. Site changes are action.

10. It is the entrant’s responsibility to correctly fill out and turn in their daily selection properly. The entrant will then receive a computer-generated ticket. Only the selection on the computer-generated ticket and recorded in William Hill’s server will be valid as the official selection. The card marked by the entrant that produces the contest ticket has no value and is not valid for winning any prize.

11. Any individual entry submitted with the wrong entrant number will be disqualified for that day and will be awarded a loss for that day’s selections. It is the sole responsibility of the entrant to provide and maintain their entrant number.

12. William Hill reserves the right to award free promotional entries. Maximum one free/complimentary entry per person with coupon.

13. All winners of a prize will be required to provide photo ID in person. Winners will be subject to IRS reporting of winnings based on applicable laws and IRS regulations. Contestants who refuse to provide their tax identification number when required will not be allowed to collect their winnings.

14. All prizes must be redeemed by July 31, 2014. No exceptions. Uncollected prizes will be deemed forfeited and become property of William Hill.

15. All winners grant William Hill the right to take and utilize any or all photographs taken of them or information secured from them, including their name and likeness, in connection with the contest for any publicity, promotional or advertising purposes in any media without compensation, consideration, notice, review or consent. Winners release William Hill, its employees and officers of any liability in connection with such use.

16. Standings will be updated and displayed each day during the contest at www.williamhill.us.

17. After the final winner(s) is determined, there will be a two-day verification period. At the end of this period, the contest results will be declared official and the winner(s) will be paid.

18. Any questions or disputes concerning the interpretation of these rules or situations not covered by these rules will be resolved by William Hill management in a manner deemed by them to be fair to all concerned, and that decision shall be final and binding on all contestants. If the entrant is not satisfied with the result of William Hill’s decision, they have the option to seek resolution with the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

19. All William Hill House Rules and Regulations apply to the contest unless otherwise noted.

20. William Hill management reserves all rights to make changes to the contest rules and format or cancel the contest at any time.

21. Entry fees will not be refunded other than for cancellation of the contest. Entries are non-transferable.

22. Employees of William Hill and their immediate families are not eligible to compete in the contest.

23. If you have questions regarding the contest, feel free to contact William Hill’s Customer Support department at (855) 754-1200.