How To Bet


Basketball betting is similar to football betting. Most bets are made against the pointspread total. The odds are 11 to 10 on straight bets.


7:00 PM 201 WASHINGTON 218 +130
202 NEW YORK -4 ½ -150

 In the example, New York is favored by 4 ½ points. New York must win the game 5 points or more for a player to win his bet. If the player bets Washington (+4 ½), they must win the game outright or lose by four points or less for the player to win. There is no possibility of a tie because a ½-point line is used.

The number 218 in this example is the Total (Over/Under). The player can wager that the final score will be more or less than this number. All points scored in overtime count in the final score. When wagering on totals the odds are 11 to 10, unless stated otherwise. For example, the player would lay $55 to win $50 or $110 to win $100, etc.

Basketball parlay rules are the same as football. A player can combine up to 8 teams into a single parlay wager. All teams must win, i.e. cover the pointspread.

In basketball, we offer 4, 4 ½ and 5-point teasers. The bettor may “tease” the pointspread up or down that specified number of points.