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Current William Hill futures wagering options include:


-2016-17 AFC Championship, NFC Championship and Pro Football Championship 51

-2016-17 Pro Football Conference Futures

-2016-17 Pro Football Division Futures

-2016-17 Division To Win Pro Football Championship 51

-2016-17 Most Passing Yards in the Regular Season

-2016-17 Most Rushing Yards in the Regular Season

-2016-17 Most Receiving Yards in the Regular Season

-2016-17 College Football Championship

-2016-17 College Football Heisman Trophy

-2016-17 Conference to Win National Championship

-2016 Grey Cup


-2016-17 Pro Basketball Championship

-2016-17 Men’s College Basketball Championship

-2016-17 Pro Basketball Season Win Totals

-2016 Women’s Pro Basketball Championship


-2016-17 Pro Hockey Championship

-2016-17 Pro Hockey Eastern and Western Conference

-2016-17 Men’s College Hockey Championship

-2016-17 Pro Hockey Season Point Totals

-2016 Hockey World Cup Championship


-2016 Major League Soccer Cup

-2016-17 English Premier League

-2016-17 UEFA Champions League


-2016 Pro Baseball National League Pennant and American League Pennant Winner

-2016 Pro Baseball Championship



-2015-16 Fed Ex Cup

-2017 Masters Tournament

Auto Racing:

-2016 Sprint Cup Championship

-2016 F1 Drivers Championship


-2017 Men’s Australian Open

-2017 Women’s¬†Australian Open

Horse Racing:

-2016 Eclipse Horse of the Year

-2016 Breeder’s Cup