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Super Bowl questions

When will bets pay out?

Bet settlement and payouts following the conclusion of the Super Bowl may be delayed due to high volumes.

All digital withdrawal transactions are subject to review. Your withdrawal request should be processed by Caesars within 72 hours, but usually will be complete within a day or two.  Please note however, that our process is not the same as your bank’s process – and once we have approved your withdrawal it can still take from 2-5 additional business days in most cases (in rare cases it can take a couple of extra days) for your funds to appear in your account.  While your funds will show up as removed from your account balance in your Caesars Wallet, do not worry, they are in process to be routed to your bank account (or other approved destination) in the timeline noted. Caesars Sportsbook may request additional documentation be provided for a withdrawal request to ensure customer security as long as no additional review has been required.

What if a leg of my Same Game Parlay is voided?

If a leg of an SGP is voided for any reason, such as a player not playing in the game, the entire parlay will be voided and the stake will be paid back to your account as cash.

What is a prop bet?

A prop bet is a bet on anything that is not the traditional point spread, money line or total points. Caesar is proud to offer the people over 200 props on Super Bowl LVI.

What are the rules for props?

All props are based on the official scoring at the time of the game’s conclusion. Any post-Super Bowl stat changes will not apply to Caesars props.

Prop Explanations

TD Scorer: A team’s QB must rush for a TD or receive a TD pass in order for a bet on him to be considered a win. A Passing TD will NOT be considered a win.

Total kicking points: 1 point for a made extra point, 3 points for a made field goal. If Evan McPherson’s kicking points over/under is  7.5 and he makes two field goals (6 points) and two extra points (2 points), his kicking points would add up to eight points and the over would be a winning bet.

Winning margin: Specific winning margins such as 7-12 points will only be paid as a winning wager for wins by 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 point wins for example.

Double result: First half winner/full game winner. A bet on “LA/CIN” will pay as a winning wager if the Rams win the first half and the Bengals win the game.

1st half result/2nd half result: First half winner/2nd half winner. This is different than double result. If the Rams win the first half 17-10 and the Bengals win the second half 10-6, “LA/CIN” will be a winning bet even though LA will have won the game 23-20.

Total defensive tackles + assists: An assist  is a play in which a defender is not the primary tackler but still assists in bringing the ball-carrier down. If Aaron Donald’s tackles + assists prop over/under is 4.5 and he makes two solo tackles and assists on three tackles, the over will be paid as a winning bet.

Will the opening kickoff Be A touchback?: If the opening kickoff goes out of the end zone or the returner kneels the ball in the end zone, it is a touchback and the yes will grade as a winning wager. If the returner runs the ball to any yard line outside the end zone, kneels at any yard line outside the end zone or if the opening kickoff goes out of bound this is not a touchback and the no will grade as a winning wager.

Team with last possession of game: The last possession of the game must start with the team on offense from a line of scrimmage. If the Rams defense intercepts the Bengals or recovers a fumble on the Bengals’ last offensive possession a bet on the Bengals will be graded as a winning wager.

Three unanswered scores in game: One team scores three times with the other scoring zero points during that time frame. For example, if the Bengals open the game with a touchdown followed by the Rams scoring three touchdowns, “three unanswered scores in game” will pay as a winning wager.

Will there be a defensive or special teams touchdown?: A defensive touchdown could result from an interception or fumble; a special teams touchdown could result from a kickoff return, punt return or field goal block return.

Free Bets

What Is a Free Bet?

How Do I Get Free Bets?

With our wide range of exciting daily promos—that’s how, Emperor! Just about every daily promo we offer gives you the chance to win a bonus in the form of Free Bets. These bonuses could win you anything from a $5 Free Bet for every home run the team you wager on hits or an automatic $25 Free Bet just for placing a wager, win or lose. You’ll also notice they’re used for welcome bonuses and risk-free promotions.

Where Do I Find Free Bets? 

Check your account overview in the app or on desktop. You can view them under the “Bonus Activity” menu in your Account Settings.

How Do I Use Free Bets? 

When adding a wager to your bet slip, if you have a Free Bet available to use, a Free Bet “token” will appear. You can put that toward paying your wager’s stake in the bet slip.

Do Free Bets Expire?

Yes. Unless otherwise specified, Free Bets expire 7 days after they’re awarded—so don’t let them go to waste!

Please note that the Free Bet stake is not included in any winnings from a redeemed Free Bet

Bonus Cash

What is Bonus Cash?

Bonus Cash is a non-cashable bonus, that can become real cash you can bet or withdraw once you meet certain wagering requirements. Think of it almost as a site credit that you can use for your next wager. But, you will bet with your cash balance before your bonus balance.  Then, once you have bet your cash, you can bet the Bonus Cash.

How do I see how much Bonus Cash I have?

Check your Bonus Balance in the app or on desktop. You can view them under the “My Account” menu and the “Bonus Activity” menu in your Account Settings.

What is a wagering requirement?

In order for your Bonus Cash to become real cash (meaning you can withdraw it or bet it), you need to wager an amount equal to your bonus cash amount (so if have $1,000 in bonus cash and a 1x playthrough, you need to wager $1,000 to “unlock” it). Also, your wager must settle first – meaning the bet is over and the outcome is complete (e.g. it’s not when you place the bet but when the game or market you bet on has a winner or pushes).


What bets unlock my Bonus Cash?

Both Cash and Bonus Cash bets count to your wagering requirement. So any bet you place with Cash or Bonus Cash will help you to unlock your bonus!


Can I withdraw the bonus cash?

Not until you have met the bonus cash wagering requirement above (and made at least one deposit if you have never deposited before).  Also, and this is important, you cannot withdraw while you have Bonus cash still in the Bonus cash balance – you need to either forfeit the remaining bonus or bet what is left.


How do I check the remaining wagering requirement?

Bonus cash balance and remaining rollover requirements can be viewed under the “Bonus Activity” menu in Account Settings (tap the person icon on top right of the screen to see Account Settings).


How do I use Bonus Cash?

Simply add the amount you wish to bet to your bet slip when a selection is made. Any cash balance will be used first, but you can mix both cash and Bonus Cash to make your wager.  This will be done automatically – you don’t need to pick and choose.


How do I mix Cash and Bonus Cash to wager?

If you have a $10 Cash Balance and a $20 Bonus Balance and you place a wager for $20, it will be placed using $10 of cash and $10 of Bonus Cash.


Do I get my winnings as Bonus Cash?

Winnings are paid out in the same proportion as the amount bet. If your wager was 100% Bonus Cash, all winnings will be paid as Bonus Cash. If 50% of the wager was with Bonus Cash, 50% of the winnings will be paid as Bonus Cash and the remaining as cash.  Once you have hit the wagering requirement – the winnings would be returned as cash.


Is my bet amount included in the payout?

Yes, any winnings paid also include the bet amount – so you can bet and get your bonus cash with any winnings paid out once the requirements are met.


Is there a minimum odds requirement?

Bets must be greater than -300 to count towards the wagering requirement. i.e. a bet at -250 will count, but a bet at -400 will not. So if you love to pick big-time favorites – make sure it’s still -300 or greater. Live wagering during the game and games with big favorites can often have prices lower than -300, which do not count towards unlocking your Bonus Cash.

Why doesn’t my wagering requirement change when I bet?

Your bet must complete before the wagering requirement changes, this means the game you bet on my finish and your bet settle before your wagering requirement reduces. Minimum odds of -300 apply (see above).


Does Bonus Cash Expire?

Yes. Unless otherwise specified, Bonus Cash will expire 7 days after it is awarded—so don’t let them go to waste!


When can I withdraw my winnings?

Once the wagering requirements of the Promotion are met, any Bonus Cash winnings are available for withdrawal. Withdrawals are not possible with an active Bonus Balance so bet your bonuses.

Same Game Parlays

What Is a Same Game Parlay?

With a Same Game Parlay, you’re betting on the outcomes of different events in the same game with different player, team, and game prop bets. And just like any other parlay, it’s all or nothing — if all legs win, you win!

How Do I Place a Same Game Parlay?

NFL and NBA Games where you see the Same Game Parlay Icon [insert] are eligible. Click into the game you want, and from there you’ll see all the bets you can place on this matchup. Including the Same Game Parlay option at the top.

Then, just add bets to your bet slip the same way you’d place any other bet, with a few exceptions.

  • Some player props have more than 5 selections. When that’s the case, the options will be displayed in a list that only shows one team at a time. Just toggle between the two teams to select the player props you want.
  • For any bets that include Alternative Spreads or Totals, use the slider to the desired amount before adding to your bet slip.
  • These alt lines are available for spreads and totals, but not player props.

There are countless ways to build a Same Game Parlay. In addition to betting on the money line, spread, or total, you can add legs to the parlay by betting on player props like the over/under for passing yards, receiving yards, rushing yards, or who will score the first touchdown, different point totals by half or quarter, and even alternative spreads and totals. For NBA you can add legs such as player props on Double Double, over/under for points, rebounds, or assists.

Note that not all selections are able to be combined in the same bet.

What Sports or Events Can I Bet on Using a Same Game Parlay?

Currently, Same Game Parlays are only available for NFL and NBA.

When Can I Bet with a Same Game Parlay?

You can only place a Same Game Parlay wager before the game; they aren’t available for live, in-game wagers.

Can I Parlay Multiple Same Game Parlays Together?

Unfortunately, no—you can only place one SGP wager at a time.

Is There a Limit to the Number of Legs I Can Add to My Same Game Parlay?

Yes, the maximum number of legs is 10. If you add more than 10, you’ll only be able to bet on each leg as individual straight bets.

Can I Use Free Bets and Profit Boosts on My Same Game Parlay?

Free Bets are allowed. Profit Boosts and Cash Outs are not currently available for SGP.

Why Can’t I See the Same Game Parlay Feature in My App?

Check the AppStore or PlayStore to make sure you have the latest version, and enable automatic updates to make sure you always have our best offers.

Profit Boosts

What Are Profit Boosts?

Profit Boosts increase the net winnings of your bet by a given percentage.  Net winnings are calculated as: potential payout (what is returned if you win) minus stake (amount you wagered). Any additional winnings from Profit Boosts are paid out in cash, not Free Bets or other credits.

Profit Boosts can be applied to both Straight bets (money line, spread, total) and Parlays, but there are also Profit Boosts that’ll exclusively apply to Straight bets only, Parlays only, or even Parlays with a set number of legs. Profit Boosts can be applied to a variety of sports and bet types, but only those available will appear in your bet slip. If a Profit Boost doesn’t appear in your bet slip, it’s because it can’t be applied. Profit Boosts are applied with a max bet. For example, you bet $100 and used a 10% profit boost set up with a $50 max bet, the bet will go through; but the 10% boost will only apply to the first $50, and the other $50 will be paid out with standard odds.

How Do I Use a Profit Boost?

After you add a wager to your bet slip, any available Profit Boost will appear in the “Bonus Drawer” where you can also find and add Free Bets. Profit Boosts will only appear if they’re available to use on wagers in your bet slip. For example, if you have a Football-related Profit Boost, it wouldn’t appear in the Bonus Drawer for basketball wagers in your bet slip. When attached, the Profit Boost will indicate the Boost %, and the max wager the boost will be applied to. The Potential Payout will reflect the boosted payout, and a “Was” price will be displayed. Remember: you can bet over the max wager, but the Boost will only apply up to the max wager amount.

What’s the Difference Between a Profit Boost and a Free Bet Token?

Free Bets are awarded after you successfully participate in a promotion. They’ll appear in the Bonus Drawer of your bet slip as Free Bet tokens, the same place you’ll also find Profit Boost tokens. But you can’t use both together — you won’t be able to apply a Profit Boost token on top of a Free Bet token.

Will I Be Able to Track the Boosts I Use?

Yes, after placing your bet, any Profit Boost you applied will show up in your bet receipt, your Open Bets tab, and your bet history.

Where Can I Find Which Games Have Profit Boosts Available?

You can find the Profit Boosts on the Promotions page. When you click on the Profit Boost, you’ll see how to use them — which games or sports qualify, the minimum odds your bets need to have, and any caps on the bet amount that might apply.


Executive Order 2020-41 states in pertinent part that “During the duration of the Gubernatorial Disaster Proclamations, the provisions in the Sports Wagering Act, 230 ILCS 45/25-30(f), 25-35(f), and 25-40(i) requiring in-person creation of a sports wagering account at a facility authorized pursuant to the Act in order to participate in sports wagering offered over the internet or through a mobile application, are suspended.”